RankTracker Review (2024): Beware!

Date: 9 January 2024

RankTracker Scam Review

In November 2021, as I was accustomed to (a bit too much) at the time, I bought the LTD (Lifetime Deal, pay once, have access for life) of RankTracker.com. I used Rank Tracker for almost a year for daily keyword tracking.

The deal was not bad: pay $299, get access to these features:

We could even leave a review on Capterra, G2, or Trustpilot to get more credit (lifetime as well).

The scam is right there!

Recently, Felix Rose-Collins, the CEO of RankTracker, decided to change his plans. No user who bought this deal will be able to access the tool unless they pay an additional annual fee of $82. In itself, the amount is not incredible, to be able to use a tool like this. Zero communication beforehand. The hundreds of users with this deal found themselves facing a paywall overnight... you can imagine.

The main issue arises from the long-term vision of the software when faced with this type of action:

  • Can we imagine adding a list of keywords to track and losing the history overnight?
  • Can we imagine losing access to positioning reports?
  • Can we imagine supporting clients with this type of software, only to have to start all over again overnight?

Appsumo's Response

AppSumo, on their part, has published a note on their website announcing that they will no longer partner with RankTracker:

What does Felix Rose-Collins have to say about all this?

I tried to find solutions... in vain. A message to their support got lost in the abyss.

Felix Rose-Collins

Then I tried their email directly... to get a rather amusing response:

"I have opened a support ticket for my team to check, if you are in a rush to get it fixed please buy the support plan to skip to the front of the queue."

Okay, so they're explicitly mocking me... Anyway, I try another communication channel, their Slack. Not surprisingly, any mention of AppSumo or LTD is deleted within 5 minutes, apparently, this problem is not supposed to exist. I tried to contact him directly on Slack but to no avail as the old saying goes:

Felix Rose Collins confirming RankTracker is a scam Far from me the idea to remain bitter for too long (I still am a little) - this kind of move in a business doesn't bode well. Prices have increased, and users can find themselves without their daily tool overnight. Fortunately for me, I had already moved to TrueRanker before this problem.

In Conclusion:

In conclusion, if you want a long-term tracking tool, DO NOT go to RankTracker, as you risk finding yourself overnight with a price change, a blockage, or any other surprise coming out of the head of its boss.

Update: Felix Rose-Collins and his DMCA

It took less than 10 minutes after publication to receive a DMCA complaint about this article. It seems this man doesn't like it when people talk about him!

After publishing this article - Felix blocked me from the website's support (what a pity) and kicked me out of the Slack. I was ready to accept a bribe, but apparently, that won't happen!

Update 2024

It seems that this story is not over yet! The number of reviews on TrustPilot continues to increase, with some very recent ones (https://fr.trustpilot.com/review/ranktracker.com?languages=all&stars=1).

It also seems that they were even rebuked by Trustpilot for writing fake reviews themselves!

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